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Initiative and its goals

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20k€ worth of equipment on a loan basis, including

Support by CyNexo in getting the most out of the equipment provided

Submit Your Olfactory Pilot Project and Win Big!

The prize

Boosts a young investigator's career in chemical senses with a high-impact pilot project.

Enables early-stage investigators to develop novel experimental approaches and obtain preliminary data.

The winner will be announced at the ECRO 2023 conference in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Submiting a pilot project

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Applicants must be late-stage doctoral students, post-docs, or early stage faculty members (<6 years since PhD at time of application), and be under contract of a host institution that provides basic support (space, salary, etc.).

Applications must be submitted as a single .pdf file by email.

Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of 3 independent researchers in the field of chemical senses and 1 CyNexo representative, and will be judged on: 

Applications received after 31/July/2023 will not be reviewed.


Potential impact

Potential for future funding

Technical feasibility

500€ Travel fellowship to attend ECRO 2023 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Institutions already using CyNexo products

Clear outlines for successful proposals

Introduction to the topic of study

Premise and hypothesis

Project outcomes advance chemical senses research

Need for CyNexo equipment

Future directions and planned grant applications

Characteristics of the loan


Project start date must be within 6 months of award.


All equipment / materials / support will be available for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months from the project start date.


Costs related to insured return shipping of loaned equipment will be borne by applicant and/or host institution.

CyNexo products

Sniff-0 | Olfactometer


ECRO is coming back to the Netherlands after more than 30 years! The first meeting was held in 1970 and was partly hosted by Professor E.P. Köster, who passed away in August 2022. The chemosensory community in the Netherlands is now diverse and active in areas such as human flavor perception, insect pheromones, and neuroscience. The theme for ECRO 2023 is 'Diverse flavors', aiming to prioritize diversity in topics, speakers, attendance, and social program. Join them in Nijmegen in September!

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CyNexo is a start-up with extensive experience in mechatronics, quality control, and project management. The team originated from SISSA and has been developing hardware and software for scientific laboratories. They offer services throughout the entire product lifecycle and support SMEs in adopting Industry 4.0 technology for quality control and process optimization.

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Use the link below to share your suggestions on features you would like to see in our future olfactometry products. Your feedback will help shape the future of olfactometry and contribute to advancing research in this field.

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Sniff-Nano | Olfactometer


Spir-0 | Breathing Cycle Monitor


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